About Us — An Introduction to H.E.L.P

The Homeless Education & Literacy Project (HELP) is a program of Lincoln County School District (LCSD) designed to help homeless students overcome barriers to school attendance and academic success. During the 2010-11 school year, the LCSD HELP Program staff identified 471 homeless students spread throughout the county. This total accounts for 8.6% of the student population, which is almost one out of every ten children! Eighty-five out of the 471 students are considered unaccompanied youth, meaning they are living homeless without the supervision of a parent or legal guardian.

The HELP program assists homeless youth with immediate school enrollment, transportation, school fees, school meals and resource navigation as required by the McKinney Vento Homeless Education Act. Additionally, the four HELP advocates and the HELP coordinator serve students through HELP Centers located in Lincoln City, Newport, Toledo and Waldport. Each HELP Center provides resources and educational assistance to youth and families. The HELP Centers provide basic needs resources including school supplies, clothing, shoes, hygiene items and blankets from community donations. Some of the educational programs offered at the HELP centers include an early childhood and parent program called Learning is Fun Together (LIFT), tutoring for youth K-12, study space and support for students in Insight, life skills workshops, and Read and Feeds, community meals with a focus on literacy. Educational programs and classes at the HELP centers are open to any student regardless of their living situation.

During the 2011-12 school year, three AmeriCorps members are stationed at the HELP Centers to recruit volunteers and promote community involvement in order to maximize services and support to students.


About LCSD H.E.L.P.

There are over 582 students in the Lincoln County School District who qualify as homeless. The HELP (Homeless Education & Literacy Project) Centers work with these students and their families to break down the barriers to education and keep them in school and succeeding.

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