North County Youth Activities

North County Youth Activities

Achievement Club is every Monday & Wednesday after school to help high school students enrolled in the H.E.L.P. program. Students get extra assistance on their academics and a safe, study-friendly environment. We have a licensed Head Tutor and community volunteers working one-on-one with students. After an hour of work the students are provided a nutritious snack or meal. This club promotes academic success, provides a positive place to hang-out after school, and connects students to caring adults. This club is growing and we need more community volunteers. If you are interested or have questions call Hanna at 541-995-4878 or email at

In addition, we are providing an enrichment activity once a week. So far we have the following planned, but are looking for more volunteers to help us with future enrichment activities.

Jan. 24th TUESDAY- Dating Workshop Part 1

Jan. 31st TUESDAY- Dating Workshop Part 2

Feb. 7th TUESDAY- “Plan for Your Future & Be Successful” Workshop

Feb. 14th TUESDAY- Cookie Decorating & Valentine’s Movie

Feb. 23rd THURSDAY– Nutrition Workshop Part 1: Movie       

Feb. 28th TUESDAY- Nutrition Workshop Part 2: Cook a Meal

 ** All events are 4:00-5:15pm

We are looking for someone interested in heading up a writing club, art, and/or photography workshop.

What is your passion? Can you share an afternoon to bring enrichment to youth in our community?

If you are interested or have questions call Hanna at 541-995-4878 or email at


About LCSD H.E.L.P.

There are over 582 students in the Lincoln County School District who qualify as homeless. The HELP (Homeless Education & Literacy Project) Centers work with these students and their families to break down the barriers to education and keep them in school and succeeding.

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